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  Listening Activities for beginners. Alphabet, numbers , interviews, stories ...

  Mouth Mangler. for beginners. Listen and repeat.

  American English Pronunciation. You will need RealPlayer

  Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab General Listening Quizzes (all topics).

  Focus English. Everyday English in Conversation

  ESL Listening Lessons Free Short Self-Study English Lessons and Quick Tips for ESL Students

  Instant sound. Pronunciation samples from by over 40 native speakers. Online language tutorials with sound clips and dictionaries for British English, American English, Australian English. Plus a spoken English grammar. Just mouse over the words to hear them spoken - very cool!

  English Pronunciation The pronunciation modules. Requires Shockwave Plug-in from Macromedia.

  The English Listening Lounge Listen And Learn Online

  ESL Listening Center listening materials from

  Interactive Online Listening Assistant lessons to practice listening skills.

  ESL Activities for Students -- ESL Wonderland with Real Player . Listening activities as well as vocabulary exercises.

  English Listening Language Lab Online - Learn English NaturallyListening samples of English speakers from around the world with transcripts and interactive quizzes.

  Adult Learning Activities from California Distance Learning Project. Audio-video enhanced reading, vocabulary,spelling, "pick an answer," and definition matching game.

  LINGUAL.NET - Learning English Through Movies short films with on-off subtitle option, transcripts, and exercises.

  VOA News - Voice of America Special English- News Radio for English Learners

  BBC English Radio - Words in the news. Audio and video clips to help you improve your English


ESL Podcast (audio file that you download from the Internet and listen to it on your computer or MP3 player)

  English as a Second Language (ESL) Podcast

  TOEFL Podcast Guide to the TOEFL Test Podcast

  ESL Podcasts from podcast directory

  ESL : Listening : Podcasts from The Internet TESL Journal

  English as a Second Language (ESL) Podcasts 20 newest podcasts from


Tests, Quizzes, Games, Puzzles, Exercises
Spelling Tests Grammar Quizzes Common Errors

  Interesting Things for ESL Students Word games, puzzles, quizzes, slang, proverbs and much more.

  EFL / ESL Interactive spelling exercises on line Exercises for Beginners

  List of Interactive Quizzes - Basic sentence parts, verbs and verbals, clauses and phrases, structural flaws, punctuation, pronoun usage, stylistic considerations, vocabulary. in-depth English tutorials featuring dozens of interactive exercises.

  Activities for ESL Students over 1,000 quizzes, exercises and puzzles.

  The Quiz Center from Karin's ESL PartyLand

  Language tests from test your level of English as the first or the foreign language and check your skills in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin and Russian.

  Interactive English Language Exercises. Grammar, Vocabulary and Idioms

  Business English Exercises. Grammar, vocabulary, spelling......

  ELC Website Grammar, reading, vocabulary, puzzles and more. Choose your level.

  Online English Language (ESL) Quizzes English language quizzes covering grammar, usage and vocabulary, grouped into levels.

  agendaweb English activities on-line:hundreds of grammar,vocabulary and listening exercises.

  Games Zone - online English Language (ESL) Games that you can play online. Educational software.

  English Lessons and Tests. Reading, grammar, vocabulary.... divided by difficulty levels.

  Interactive ESL Practice Practice your grammar and vocabulary

  ESL Quiz Center (from Dave's ESL Cafe) Grammar, Geography, History, Slang, Science

  Vocabulary Training Exercises In English, German, French and Spanish

  Vocabulary, Word Puzzles and Activities Helps prepare for PSAT/NMSQT*, SSAT*, GED*, SAT* and ACT* tests

  ESL Resource Center Exercizes and language lessons.

  ESL quizzes for English learners. ESL Quiz Centre at englishclub. Quizzes for all levels on grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

  Google: ESL Tests and Quizzes


ESL Discussion Forums

  English Forums Learn English with online help from volunteer teachers all over the world.

  English Language Discussion Forums Two free English language forums and chat for EFL / ESL students and teachers with discussions covering issues such as grammar, exams, qualifications, academic/business English and more.

  Dave's ESL Cafe's Student and Teacher Discussion Forums. Meeting Place for ESL/EFL Students and Teachers from Around the World!

  English Forum from Ask an expert - Ask Questions Get Answers.

  BBC - MESSAGE BOARDS - Learning English - Ask a question

  Linguist List - place where anyone interested in language or linguistics can ask a question and get the response of a panel of professional linguists.


ESL Blogs

  ESL Blogs from

  Free-ESL Blogs blogs for ESL teachers and students.

  TESL : Weblogs blogs by ESL/EFL teachers, blogs about English learning and teaching


ESL Sites and Directories

  English Language History of the English Language English Grammar and ESL and ELT from wikipedia

  Google: English as a Second Language Directories

  The Guide to Grammar and Writing digital handouts on grammar and English usage, computer-graded quizzes, recommendations on writing - from basic problems in subject-verb agreement and the use of articles to exercises in parallel structures and help with argumentative essays, and a way to submit questions about grammar and writing. Quizzes. Advanced English lessons - Free online English lessons ESL / EFL resources Learn English free online or teach English as a second or foreign language (ESL or EFL or ESOL). Learn to speak English. Learn to teach English (TEFL or TESL or TESOL).

  Free Online English lessons from Churchill House School. on-line quizzes and games, free software, grammar forum, teachers' pages activities for you to use, word of the day, online guide to English exam,tests,links.

  E. L. Easton - English online Materials for Teaching & Learning

  Dave's ESL Cafe Internet's Meeting place for ESL and EFL teachers and students

  Linguist List - Web Resource Listings Lang Learning: ESL and EFL

  Activities and Exercises for ESL Students Linguistic Funland TESL/ESL/EFL/Language/Linguistics Links

  Isabel's ESL Site Exercises, Web based Materials, Workshops and links for Teaching and Learning, WebQuests español/ English

  English-At-Home   Mansion Ingles for spanish speakers.


Online Grammar books

  ENGLISH GRAMMAR: EXPLANATIONS AND EXERCISES by Mary Ansell. All of the essential points of English grammar are covered.

  Blue Book of Grammar and punctuation by Jane Straus. An on-line English grammar and punctuation reference guide including exercises with answers.

  The Elements of Style Classic guide to English grammar and usage written by William Strunk.


Selected Grammar materials

  ESL DESK: Grammar

  English Grammar and Writing Online Grammar rules.

  HyperGrammar Punctuation, Pronouns, Verbs, Modifiers. Building phrases, clauses, sentences, paragraphs.....

  Grammar Slammer. Rules and tips about writing in English. Handouts: Spelling, Capitals, Punctuation, Sentence Construction and Parts Of Speech. Exercises and answer keys.

  Punctuation Made Simple Use of the colon, semicolon, comma, dash and apostrophe in English grammar. Verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections...

  Cross-referenced glossary of grammatical terms Meaning and usage of each expression and terminology for EFL, ESL, ESOL and EAP learners, students and teachers.

  Grammar Tutorials from Monash University. Passive Voice, Verb Tenses and use of Articles.

  Lists of Grammar Lists American vs. British Spelling,Verb+Preposition Combinations,Spelling Rules for Nouns and Verbs and more


English Vocabulary

  Common Errors in English Alphabetical listing of many words which are often used incorrectly.

  English: Vocabulary Guide hover the cursor over an image and hear its pronunciation and spelling. Beginner level.

  A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia

  Acronym Finder acronyms and abbreviations and their meanings.

  A.WORD.A.DAY New word each day, with its pronunciation, definition and examples of use.

  DMOZ: Vocabulary Lists


Online Reading

  IPL Kidspace: Story Hour with illustrations and audio files.

  The Moonlit Road Ghost stories and strange folktales from the American South. available in sound formats as well as in text.

  Gutenberg project oldest producer of FREE electronic books (eBooks or eTexts). Great Books Online -- Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus and hundreds more

  On-Line Books Page Directory of on-line books.

  ESL DESK: Online Books in English ESL Reader



  Paradigm Online Writing Assistant online writer's guide.

  Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) All about writing. OWL handouts

  Online Writing Materials advice about all aspects of writing in an academic environment, overview of writing pedagogy and methods, written and video materials for training undergraduate peer tutors. Twenty Common Errors

  TOEFL-Prep Writing Practice Site Learn how to write formal academic essays in English.

  GUIDE TO WRITING A BASIC ESSAY Steps in writing an essay paper.

  Grammar and Style Notes from Getting an A on an English Paper

  Online Technical Writing: Online Textbook Processes and Guidelines in Technical Writing.

  Style and Writing Guides links from Internet Public Library.

  Guide to Grammar and Writing Writing from the word and sentence level to essay and research writing. Interactive grammar exercises for students intermediate to advanced.

  School Time English Writing from Open Directory


References and Dictionaries
AllWords   AskOxford   Cambridge   Dictionary   Encarta   Infoplease   Merriam-Webster   OneLook   Ultralingua   Wikipedia   WordNet  




Daves ESL Café gigantic site of resources for ESL students and teachers including idioms, slang, quotes, a job center, and discussion forums

Activities for ESL Students study materials for students of English as a second language

INTERLINK ESL Resource Center ESL resources and links for international students

Randall's Cyber Listening Lab audio lessons help students of the English language improve their pronunciation and knowledge of important words and phrases

ESL Movie Guide ESL movie guides with each synopsis featuring a list of the major characters, a plot summary and an extensive glossary of vocabulary and cultural references

Breaking News English - Ready-to-use EFL / ESL lesson plans based on current affairs. Graded news articles, listenings and communicative activities uploaded daily

It's Online for teachers and students of English

English for Internet - a free English school on the Internet, this site offers classes in grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking -  combination of lessons, expression quizzes and chat

English Global Village a range of interactive ESL materials for students and teachers, organized according to theme

ESL Cyberlinks ESL links, fun, games, activities

Interesting Things for ESL Students word games, puzzles, quizzes, slang, proverbs and much more

Karin's ESL PartyLand ESL students and teachers can find quizzes and on-line exercises, lesson plans, e-mail exchanges, 25 discussion forums, a job center, ESL links, a bookstore, and more online database for esl efl lessons and resources; all categories and levels; interactive CALL section

Divace learn languages with Divace - digital interactice recorder - download the evaluation version of Divace

Easy English free diagnostic tests, lessons and links for English learners

Auto-English free English exercises and other resources especially useful for speakers of Spanish

Foreign Student Union a useful site for international students studying in the US

A.Word.A.Day sends a vocabulary word and its definition to the subscribers every day

ESL Lounge activities and resources for English learners free, thirty unit spelling course

American Slanguages (Foreign Slanguages Too) talk like the locals in cities in America and around the world - the hick to hip translation guide

Ohio ESL English student resources Free, comprehensive ESL Site including forums, realtime chat, grammar, writing, interactive quizzes and games, flashcards, audio materials, helplines, multi-lingual content - and much more! - practice your English with interactive exercises on-line - receive unique interactive email exercises - have your own personal page with activity history

Literacy net great reading practice

ESL Gold features hundreds of pages of free materials for both students and teachers with all materials categorized by skill and level for quick and easy access

Using English for English students

Links You a free service to help people all around the world keep speaking English

English Daily an English site for those who are determined to learn English well

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun a variety of computer based games including wordsearch, hangman and concentration for vocabulary building

5 Minute English over 150 short lessons for intermediate-level English learners, a free weekly lesson by email, a message board, and more

RepeatAfterUs copyright-free classics with audio clips, including poems, fables, essays, soliloquies, historical speeches, memorable quotes, nursery rhymes, and children's stories from around the world

The English Maze is a web-based learning system for improving pronunciation, speaking, reading, listening and writing skills

Saber Inglés free English Course. Lessons based on songs, TV shows and movies. Games, reading comprehension, interactive exercises and themed vocabulary lists

English The Easy Way Everyone can learn English; this site explains English, so that everyone can understand

SAT Preparation More than 3,000 multiple choice questions divided into 21 groups and a database browser to review and print the questions and the correct answers

Zozanga ESL - Learn English free and independent web site for EFL/ESL learners and teachers

Global English Salon Listen to English idioms, business English, travel talk and ways to "think" in English

English, baby! uses American movies and music to teach REAL English

Short Story Radio listen to professional recordings of original English language short stories free of charge -- two new stories every week

Purdue Writing Lab online writing lab, resources for writers and teachers, internet search tools Advanced Composition  provides students with information required to write essays for the US academic audience; designed principally for those students who have  had no classes in formal English composition and whose TOEFL scores are 500 or more

Pizzaz Fun Writing Activities dedicated to providing simple creative writing and oral storytelling activities with copyable handouts for use with students of all ages

Nellie's English Projects designed to provide students and teachers with clear instructions on how to write and present research papers

Essay Info: Essay Writing Center information and tips for writing with guides for writing better quality
essays and research papers

Project Gutenberg incredible collection of thousands of public domain texts

Ohio ESL English student resources: writing

ESL Reader - The Many Roads to Japan the story of a Vietnam War conscientious objector's adventures and search for identity with links, pictures, comprehension and discussion/essay questions for low intermediates and higher
ESL Podcasts from China232 ESL podcasting website suitable for intermediate to advanced students
Open English World free ESL activities including idioms and conversation with recorded audio
ESL World News Report free 4-page weekly newspaper for intermediate and advanced level students learn english through soccer
Spelling City free site students can practice their spelling words using online word games
Learn English with Pictures over 400 words and photographs ranging from animals to kitchen appliances
Blabbinit practice english through community interaction using podcasts, forums and chat
University English a site for students of English for Academic Purposes regularly updated by a university lecturer


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